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Vacation Programs

With Awesome Surf Fiji you will have the time of your life living your own surfing dream whilst on your gap year adventure or surf vacation extraordinaire!. Our surf school instructors and surf guides have been surfing as long as they can remember and are passionate about the waves. They live and breathe surf as a way of life and they love to share their passion.

Fiji’s epic surf breaks provide the perfect waves for absolute beginners right through to advanced surfer, making it the best place to learn to surf or create your own surfing legend at a world class surfing destination. Whether you’ve never stepped on a board before or you want to try your skill and surf Tavarua!, we have a surf vacation to suit you. So join us to surf Namoutu, surf Frigates, Restaurants and Wilkes Passage, or the super powerful Cloudbreak .

Awesome Bula! Surf Vacation (Beginners and Improvers)

Nothing can match the full adrenaline rush, as your breath catches in your throat and your stomach tightens, when you successfully drop into your first wave! Your adventure starts here! For those learning to surf our Bula! program takes beginners through the basics of ocean awareness, paddling, selecting waves, popping up, standing and basic turning. Once these basics are mastered and you are regularly catching waves with a strong popup, our improver lessons will take you to the next level. Get ready for riding real waves, learning how to effectively duck dive, accelerate and decelerate, and get started on some pro manoeuvres.

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Awesome Surfed Out! Surf Tour (For Intermediate to Advanced)

Every surfer dreams of reaching that nirvana of total surfing satisfaction where they have to finish their session from sheer exhilarated exhaustion even though the perfect waves are still pumping… they’ve quenched their seemingly infinite surf lust….they’re surfed out! There will be lots of opportunities to surf surf surf! with long hours dedicated to catching the perfect wave. Program participants will experience great surf conditions, benefit from the local knowledge of our surf guides and access the best waves of their lives. What more can you ask for on a surfing holiday adventure!

We offer our surf vacations at two awesome surf resorts, Nadi or Qamea Island.

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Accompanying partner packages for non surfers are also available. Just ask us for details.

FDVC 4–Week Dive Surf Combo

This is perfect for gap year adventurers or those wanting a fun dive and surf camp experience. We have put together an excellent combination of the FDVC 3 Week Dive Classic which is based in Savusavu and a 1 Week Awesome Surf Bula! program on the beautiful island of Qamea. By selecting this program you will get a dive certification, 15 dives, undertake marine conservation training, learn how to surf at a great surf camp as well as experience Fijian culture and activities.

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