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Experience the very best Fiji has to offer on your action packed surf holiday! While the sparkling sands and cloudless skies of Fiji offer the best in chilling and sunbathing or adventure sports, this tropical paradise is so much more! It has a rich culture of dance and ceremony, hidden wonders in steamy rainforests, and a magical underwater world for you to explore when you are not surfing!

Awesome Surfed Out! Surf Tour include three half day tours (one is the surf trip) Awesome Bula! vacation programs include two half day tours. Activities will be selected for you from our activity menu according to the weather in Fiji and availability. Our happy team are waiting to give you a true Bula welcome and make sure you have the most fun possible on your Fiji adventure!

Our Menu of Activities


Our surf camp resorts are a great place from which to explore tropical vegetation on an escorted jungle walk in Qamea or go on a nature expedition to Sigatoka (near Nadi) . Trek alongside the river or between exotic orchids, bamboo, cassava and dalo patches, coconut groves and mangroves.

Aquatic Adventures

Ride some awesome waves as you experience world famous surf breaks available from both surf camp resort locations – what a way to spend a day! Visit a tropical island by boat and have a picnic lunch. But don’t just soar on top of the water, there is an incredible underwater world to explore too! Be dazzled by underwater life with fish of every colour and exquisite coral while on a snorkel safari. Be sure to keep an eye out for turtles too! Four turtle species, the hawksbill turtle, the loggerhead turtle, the green turtle and the leatherback turtle, are happily swimming in Fiji’s waters.

If you are based on Qamea you can discover a hidden wonder of the world, the renowned Waitavala Taveuni Natural Waterslides- splash and slide down the waterfalls and enjoy a cooling dip in the pool below. Truly special!

Mountain Biking

Take on Fiji’s mountains on a mountain bike safari- get your blood pumping as you explore the beautiful countryside near Nadi and capture breath-taking views.

Traditional Fiji

You will get the opportunity to visit a Fijian village and experience authentic local life. Learn to fish or crab with the locals and get a unique insight into the culture of Fiji. Fijians are famous for their hospitality and there’s nowhere in the world where you’ll feel more welcome.

Drink the traditional Fijian drink, Kava, under the stars with travellers and staff alike. If you’re lucky the guitars will come out too, be sure to join in! What a truly magical Fijian cultural experience…

Bula Time

Of course, between all the activities and surfing we’ll leave you enough time to bask in the magnificence of the pure white beaches and cloudless skies that make Fiji famous. Relax in the sunshine or swing in a hammock under the shade of swaying coconut palms, splash and play in the jewel-like waters and even jog along the beach! Forget about your watch and become immersed in doing nothing much at all.

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