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Surfing Fiji

Fiji surf is a perfect combination of rolling reef breaks, excellent wind conditions, favourable tides, warm waters and a chilled out vibe. Fiji is a surfers paradise!

Fiji is known internationally for having some of the best and most powerful waves and has proudly hosted international surf competitions and many of the superstars of surfing.

Our locations have been carefully selected for their brilliant surf breaks.

Awesome Nadi Surf Vacations (available all year)

A Nadi based program offers access to some of the best surf breaks in the world. Surfing here will be a dream come true! For Bula! Program participants a great beach break beckons which is kind and amenable to to those at the beginning of their surfing journey. Surfed Out! participants will begin their ultimate 21st century surf tour with access to the iconic surf breaks you can surf nearby to Tavarua.

Surf Cloudbreak in Fiji, this most famous of Fiji’s breaks is truly epic. It’s a one of a kind long, consistent and mighty barrel. Want a chance to prove your surf skills? This is the ultimate left, especially on major days! (for experienced surfers)

Wilkes Passage – this speedy break is a firm favourite for all levels. Beginners right through to advanced can pick a spot along this long right-hander and find their buzz on the juicy waves. (for all levels)

Namotu is a world class reef break that’s a little easier than the super-powerful Cloudbreak. Are you ready for some thrills of a life time? Catch a wave at its 5 metre peak. It’s also a longboarder’s dream when holding long 2 metre waves. (for all levels depending upon conditions)

Restaurants is a rapid, curling hollow left hander tube, - totally mando! It’s sometimes known as “the machine” as one of the most perfect waves in the world that breaks in the exact same spot each time. (for more experienced surfers)

Or surf Frigates, a long, hollow powerful barrelling left, known as the Fijian “Pipeline”. (for experienced surfers and not always available)

Depending on weather conditions and your ability level you will visit these amongst other breaks.

Awesome Qamea Surf Vacations
(suitable for beginner and improver surfers all year; other surfers November to June)

Qamea has a lot to offer more experienced surfers looking for those perfect waves and surf moments. 800 meters from the island is a reef pass with a left hand break and a right hand break on either side. The right-hander is high quality while still being fairly forgiving. Rather uniquely it can be surfed through pretty much all tides and is suitable for intermediate to advanced levels. The left-hander provides the challenging waves that experienced surfers are looking for. When the bigger swells are in there is also another heavy left, potent power but really fun! All the breaks hold big swells (triple overhead and bigger and they still don’t shut down) although double overhead is more common.

Beginners are in for a treat too! As you look out over the beautiful, white and endless sandy beach fringed with palms you’ll see the perfect smaller waves breaking. We’ve installed our own artificial reef just out from our private beach (completion date January 2012) which allows the perfect sized waves to break consistently which is ideal for those starting to surf! It’s an awesome learning environment and one of the best surf destinations for beginners and improvers.

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